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Deploying and Diffing Resources

When a resource is selected in the navigator, the Editor contains Deploy and Diff buttons in the top right.

Deploy and Diff buttons

  • Selecting Deploy will deploy the selected resource to the currently configured Cluster. A status message will be shown in the top right after deploying.
  • Selecting Diff will diff the selected resource against the currently configured cluster;
    • If the resource does not exist in the cluster, an error will be shown.
    • If the resource does exist, the Diff dialog will be shown.

Resource Diff

In this screenshot

  • The left side shows the resource in Monokle Desktop.
  • The right side shows the resource retrieved from the cluster.
  • Differences are highlighted as shown.

Refreshing the diff is done with the Refresh button and deploying your local version of the resource to your cluster is done with Deploy.

Editing a Resource in Cluster Mode

Monokle Desktop allows you to edit any resource viewed in Cluster Mode and use the Deploy button to apply those changes back to the cluster. This immediately applies "hot fixes" to your cluster during browsing.

Deploy Resource Changes to Cluster

After editing a resource in Monokle Desktop, click the Deploy button:

Deploy Button

The following modal appears for selecting the namesapce for deployment:

Namespace Selector

Select an existing namespace from the cluster, create a new namespace, or don't specify a namespace, which will deploy into namespaces already declared in the resource.