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Cluster Integration

Although Monokle Desktop is mainly geared toward working with manifest files, it also has the capability to connect to a cluster and show all contained resources, providing a convenient and easy way to inspect cluster resources.

Monokle Desktop will automatically detect the default Kubeconfig file or it can be declared in Settings:

Kubeconfig Setting

Using the Cluster Selector

Choose a cluster to work with by using the Cluster Selector:

Clusters Tab

If the Cluster Selector does not appear, ensure that the Show Cluster Selector option is checked in the Settings menu on the Monokle home screen:

Cluster Preview

Selecting the Load button will attempt to populate the Resource Navigator with objects from the configured cluster:

Cluster Preview

Monokle Desktop is now in Cluster Mode (as indicated by the header at the top):

Cluster Preview

  • The File Explorer has been disabled if a folder had been previously selected.
  • The Navigator contains all resources retrieved from the configured cluster:
    • Resource navigation works as with files; selecting a resource shows its content in the source editor.
    • Resource links are shown as before with corresponding popups/links/etc.
  • Selecting Exit in the top right restores the contents of the Resource Navigator to the currently selected folder.