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Monokle Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

Monokle Desktop currently supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Connect to Cluster: Ctrl/Cmd I
  • Settings: Ctrl/Cmd , (Comma)
  • Exit Preview: ESC
  • Browse Folder: Ctrl/Cmd O
  • Refresh Folder: Ctrl/Cmd F5
  • Toggle Left Pane: Ctrl/Cmd B
  • Toggle Right Pane: Ctrl/Cmd ALT B
  • Save (in editors): Ctrl/Cmd S
  • Navigate Back (Selection History): ALT ArrowLeft
  • Navigate Forward (Selection History): ALT ArrowRight
  • Open New Resource Wizard: Ctrl/Cmd N
  • Apply Resource or File to cluster: Ctrl/Cmd ALT S
  • Diff Resource: Ctrl/Cmd ALT D
  • Open File Explorer Tab: Ctrl/Cmd Shift E
  • Open Cluster Tab: Ctrl/Cmd Shift C
  • Open Kustomization Tab: Ctrl/Cmd Shift K
  • Open Helm Tab: Ctrl/Cmd Shift H
  • Open Validation Tab: Ctrl/Cmd Shift V
  • Open Terminal Pane: Ctrl/Cmd ` (Backtick)
  • Reset Resource Filters: Ctrl/Cmd ALT R
  • Open Quick Search: Ctrl/Cmd SHIFT P
  • Zoom In: Ctrl/Cmd =
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl/Cmd -
  • Open Shortcuts: Ctrl/Cmd /
  • Reload Preview: Ctrl/Cmd R
  • Scale Deployment: Ctrl/Cmd Shift S