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Getting Started

Download & Install

Download and install the latest version from GitHub below


Download the .dmg file.


Download the .exe file.

Linux (since Monokle 1.3.0)

Download the .appImage/.deb/.rpm file for your platform.

Run from Source

See Development on how to run Monokle Desktop from its source-code.

Install Dependencies

Monokle Desktop uses Helm, Kubectl and Kustomize for corresponding preview functionality, and Git for version control.

  1. Helm - required for Helm Preview functionality
  2. Kubectl or Kustomize - required for Kustomize Preview and Apply/Diff functionality
  3. Git - required for Version Control

Read Tutorials

Check out one of our tutorials to get started:

Get in Touch!

Have problems? Suggestions? Feature requests? Please join our Discord Server and let us know - or open an issue on GitHub.