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How to Fix Broken Links

In this Monokle tutorial, we will illustrate the steps to fix broken links.

Let’s get started!

1. Launch Monokle​

**Note:** Please follow this [Getting Started](/getting-started) guide to install Monokle πŸš€

Launch Monokle and, on the welcome screen, there are three options to start working with projects:

  • Select an exisiting folder.

  • Create an empty project.

  • Start from a template.

    Click Select an existing project to add your project folder containing K8 resources.

Image 1

2. Select Folder​

Select your folder to parse its manifest in the file explorer.

Image 2

In the file explorer, you can view manifests, including their resources, and their relationships.

3. Navigate Resource Manifests​

Scroll up & down to navigate and select the required manifests.

Image 3

Once you select a manifest, its related resources will be highlighted automatically in the navigator.

Image 4

Scroll down in the navigator and hover over a resource link with a warning signal.

**Note:** The link with a warning signal indicates that the link is broken.

Image 5

Click on the link provided in the tooltip.

**Note:** The source code for the specific resource will be highlighted automatically in the editor.

Image 6

Manually update the name of the highlighted dead endpoint with a working endpoint to fix the broken link.

Image 7

**Note:** The warning triangle will automatically go away once a valid link is provided.

Questions or Comments?​

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